The gimmick called “Plastic ban” : Pune splits it wide open.

Maharashtra banned the use of plastic on 23rd of June this year and one month since the ban, Pune’s cooperative of informal waste-pickers numbering 3000, “Swach” says that; the use of plastic reduced marginally and then it is again on the rise.
While the solid waste management department of Pune Municipal Corporation claims a reduction of 30 tonnes in the period, while “Swach” says it is only 5 tonnes. The multi-layered packagings of the snack companies are now used in lieu of regular plastic packs. Also, the start of ban was with vigour but like most government drives, fizzled out soon.

“Why” this story:
Plastic ban is the latest fad among the governments of many states, Maharashtra did it. UP has announced it and Goa is soon going to do the same. The bans are announced and then after one week of surprise checks and siezures and fines, the implementation pivots to “Spray and Pray” model. What is the purpose of announcing such bans, which does not even earn the governments brownie points?
The Perspective:
Plastic runs deeper than blood in today’s society. It is quixotic to believe that announcing the ban is going to loosen the “plastic noose” around our necks. There is neither study or planning done by involving the stakeholders prior to announcement, nor there is any comprehensive fallback options provided. Simply because, there are no other alternative options.
“What” of this story:
What would be your first point of action, if you were the minister in charge of implementing this ban?
Please share your action point with all of us here via comments, who knows it might just get implemented by other governments! Thanks!

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