After Delhi And Hyderabad, Maharashtra Government Bans Uber And Ola

uber_logoIn the aftermath of the Uber rape case that happened in Delhi, the central government has issued directions to all transport departments to ban web based taxi services. Maharashtra government has already brought the measure in effect and has banned Uber and Ola in Maharashtra ‘effective immediately’. Delhi and Hyderabad had already banned Uber following the incident.
Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has also given a statement in Rajya Sabha that it has advised all ‘advised all state governments/UT administrations to ensure that the operations of the web-based taxi services are stopped.
This would probably mean that web based taxi services would be dead unavailable (at least temporarily) pan India. Also, the police is interrogating Uber Asia Pacific head in regard to the rape incident.
The sad part is that people are reacting violently to the incident and a Uber representative was also manhandled in Mumbai.
Aren’t we over reacting? Why isn’t government fixing some of the basic issues – i.e of central repository of criminals to start off?
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