Recently at a panel discussion in UnPluggd, we had a women panel which discussed if women want to be called founders or women founders. While a lot of women are already upset for not getting the equal perception or treatment, there are may be many more things which are not going right.

Mahesh Murthy is a known VC in the startup ecosystem and recently a friend of a Mumbai-based woman founder has come out and written openly of “What Mahesh offers especially to girls for getting their startup funded”.

In her post, she first clearly blamed media of not taking up the story saying that “Mahesh has many media contacts and he pays them cheques”

The below pictures will give you an idea of what has happened.

Note : We have reached out to Mahesh for comments. By no means, we are judging anything here (infact it’s plain reporting).

Update : Mahesh has clarified the entire issue



  • I think more details are needed. But Mahesh is capable of trying to take advantage of a woman because of his position

  • Why is the Profile Picture withing the chat box changing? At least verify certain things before making a Times of India style headlines.

  • Why is the Profile Picture withing the chat box changing? At least verify certain things before making a Times of India style headlines.

  • May be he changed his pic for some time. Mahesh should pitch in if he is not guilty

  • Well i know from a friend who met him some 4 years back in an award function and he approached her as well, somewhat in similar manner. He always tries to take undue advantage of his position.

  • Oh come on. MM has had a reputation for his sexually perverse behaviour for years. He is predatory and creepy towards most women and that’s saying it with respect! Almost everyone knows his tactics of chatting up women – the younger and more vulnerable or in need, the better, to try and get them to give him sexual favours. He is a narcissistic poseur and uses his wealth and business/PR clout to prey on unsuspecting women. He has sexually used and discarded more women over the course of the last two decades than anyone could count. To the disbelievers and blinded bhakts of his: there is no smoke without fire. In this case, a whole forest fire.

  • How much Mahesh Paid you nextbigwhat team for his personal branding where everyone knows the fact. I know this comment will be removed as per the instructions of Mahesh Murthy and I know this is the way journalism works in India. I hope what you will do the day when he will commit the same with your younger sister.

  • There is a plain difference in “coversation” between two screenshots (previous and updated article)


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