Maiden Test Flight of Virgin Galactic [Extreme Ventures]

Virgin Galactic completed her first solo test voyage to space successfully sometime back!

“Historic morning in Mojave CA: our beautiful spaceship, VSS Enterprise has just landed, completing her first solo glide flight successfully” says the Virgin Galactic team. And indeed it is so.

It is really exciting to note the extremes to which the new age entrepreneurs are venturing into. Outer Space of all the things? Creating a relatively smooth flight system for the non-academic “travonauts” and make money out of it? For a cool US $ 200,000 per ticket! Well guess what, this gives a slim chance to a few more, who otherwise would have never been able to see the space themselves. Even with all the money in the world.

In a similar vein, Elon Musk with Spacex promises to bring down the costs of rocket propulsion to one tenth with its Falcon range of reusable shuttles. And reported yesterday, Google venturing into maps-based human-less cars? Well what next – Avatar?

Here watch the flight up of Virgin Galactic in animation:

And a couple of bits from the latest flight in reality:

I am sure the development is eventually going to lead us, or the generation next, in to commercial space. Quite literally.

What do you think?

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