MailChimp Story: How the monkey grew?

  • MailChimp reminded its customers that they had made the right choice by regularly finding unique ways to surprise and delight them.
  • Ultimately, the reason why Freddie works for MailChimp as a piece of its brand identity is because Freddie is an honest representation of the MailChimp brand.
  • The experience MailChimp delivered was warm and friendly, as if their customers were trusted friends – not entries in a CRM. Other email marketing solutions on the market, by comparison, felt cold and robotic.
  • In order to grow, MailChimp needed a strategy for getting potential customers to see, first-hand, what being a MailChimp customer would feel like.
  • Mailchimp founder, Ben Chestnut told the New York Times that MailChimp’s success stems from that fact that it had “a proximity to its customers that its competitors lacked.”

    And he elaborated that because MailChimp “was itself a small business, it understood what those businesses wanted out of their marketing tools. Its offerings were cheaper, it added features more quickly, and it allowed greater customizations to fit customers’ needs.”


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