Maintaining a consistent organizational

Maintaining a consistent organizational system

What is it?

An organizational system is an external strategy and plan for keeping track of what we need to do and accomplish.

Why is it important?

It is important to have a reliable plan for making things happen with some degree of efficiency and punctuality. By creating and maintaining a reliable organizational system, we give ourselves the best possible chance of efficiently processing the day-to-day Have-Tos in our lives to have sufficient time and energy to focus on the Want-Tos (the things that really matter to us).

Why is it hard?

It is tough to stick with an organizational system for two reasons:

  • We choose an organizational system that looks appealing but isn’t really a good fit for our current life situation or the way we tend to think. A day planner and a few hanging file folders can work beautifully.
  • We don’t think about or aren’t sure how to adapt an organizational system to our unique needs and personalities. When starting up, always ask yourself, “How would this fit with my life, and how could I modify it to fit better?”
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