Majikal Wants to be Google for Events [App Review]


Majikal Wants to be Google for Events [App Review]

majikal-logoI have often faced an issue on a Friday evening, when I have finished my week at work and want to do just do something to just chill out. The problem is I don’t have the patience to open the newspaper or search multiple sites on the web to figure out something that interests me.  This is where a new iPhone app Majikal, that also has a web version comes in.

Majikal by New Jersey based Bawaal Labs is a location aware, social mobile platform that lets you discover and explore events happening around you. It aims to redefine the social experience around events.


The platform fetches and aggregates events from all over the web, including Eventful, Meetup, Eventbrite, Facebook, TicketsNow, etc  and brings to you a list of events. It has super tags which make it easier to discover and find event as per an individual’s taste and needs.

Users can add comments and upload pictures while attending an event which could serve as a time capsule. The Majikal app tries to provide a complete social experience around events.

Majikal lets you see people attending the event and with the comments and pictures virtually see what is happening at the event, something like events in Google+ but on a mobile.

There are various super tags created by the developers to discover events around you like Causes, Dating, Desi, Kids, LGBT, Outdoor, Pets, Sports, Technology and Adult.

One can also easily share events on various social networks.

Design & performance

The design of the app is very basic and not much to write about. It could do with a bit of polish. On top is a red bar which allows one to search for an event. One can filter the events by location and also supertags. The events are displayed in a vertical list which displays the number of comments and people attending. You can also like an event.

You can also view all the results on a map. But the app uses Apple Maps to display the locations of events and we all know exactly how good Apple Maps are. Considering that Google Maps is now available on iOS we hope the developers take a serious look at changing to it so that the app could be more useful to users all over the world.

Clicking an event on the map will give you a popup which will give you the name of the event as well as the date and time.

Scrolling down in the list view, will show a pop up of the date and time. We found this super useful and could spot an event for our designed date and time more easily.

The detailed view of the event gives a description of the event as well as the ability to buy tickets if possible. You can also see or post pictures and comments or share the event with friends.

Being an international based app the number of events it displayed was limited but we see potential for this to grow.

Future features according to the developers

The company plans to add more sources of events so that some that they could someday be the Google of events.

The company plans to add more sources of events so that some that they could someday be the Google of events. A feature that will be introduced in the next version of the app is registered keywords, which will alert users about events of that type. Another feature is that the platform will soon let people add events to the platform and invite friends. Finally the company plans to build the app into a personalized recommendation engine for events.

The Android app is under development and should see a public release in the next couple of months.

Things we would like to see in the app

Apart from the above features which the developers have promised to bring to the app soon, we would like to see a few other things. To start with the design of the app might need a little tweaking.

We would also like to be able to see which events our friends are attending like that in Hangtime, an app we reviewed sometime back.

We would also like to see more relevant images for the results.

The Team

The team behind the app is Shashank Singh, the key evangelist behind the concept of Majikal, Raghavendra Pandey, Mrityunjay Kant, Neeraj Singh, who leads the teams behind the mobile apps and Vivek Sing, an expert in Big Data.

So looking for something exciting to this weekend, give Majikal a try and see if you locate something that interests you.

Download: Majikal for iOS.

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