TrendifyThis: A Tool to Make All Your Posts Visible on Facebook

What happens when a small company wants to go big on social media but does not have the marketing budget to compete with the big brands? Well most would go the manual way, making a page, posting and tagging and sharing with friends.

But what, Tofu Technology has done is create a simple, useful and free tool to reach out to a larger audience at same time on Facebook. The tool is called TrendifyThis.

The company which has developed a number of products like photo sharing apps, retail apps, private social networks (Sibling app) and a couple of websites has used this tool to great effort and has now released a version for others to use.

One could say I can tag friends, but this would be fine for a small number, but when then is a large number TrendifyThis makes the task simpler. Also one can only tag a limited number of friends in a post.

Facebook, itself has admitted that when you post something on your wall only about 12-20% of your friends are likely to see it. This is because of the new Newsfeed algorithm which decides who sees your posts based on factors like how close you are to certain friends, how many friends you have in common, whether your friend is going to find your post interesting, etc. So it is mostly likely that your friend will miss the post.

The algorithm that TrendifyThis uses, learns from everyone that uses the tool and how their social graphs are inter-connected. To make sure that everyone sees your post there is a fallback which messages a friend instead of posting to their wall. But the tool aims to post on 80% of your friends walls.

How it Works


Visit and log in using your Facebook log in.. You will then be prompted to download a Chrome extension.

You start by giving it a name and can then add the text for the wall post and also attach a link. One can then get a preview of the wall post and also the inbox message.

After this you move on to the setting page which lets you see the estimated time the process takes. TrendifyThis posts at intervals so that Facebook does not think you are spamming. You can select which friends you want to post to here and then hit start and let the TrendifyThis algorithm go to work.

You can track the progress and see who gets the post on their wall and who in their inbox. The algorithm also figures out if someone is likely to see the post if it is shared with someone else and instead inboxes that person.

Once the process is completed one gets a summary which shows you the estimated reach and there is also an analytics option which would show you how many friend have clicked on a link you have shared.

The Team

Tofu Technology was founded by Shubhendu Sharma and Karam Lakshman . The company raised seed funding from iAccelerator- IIM-A’s tech fund at CIIE and a few individuals from JustDial and Intel three years ago. The company has built over 15 products so far.

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