Make your home wireless and access your household electronics from anywhere via cell phone / web [Evolutech Networks]

Evolutech Networks offer smart grid solutions for your home. Virtually you can control and monitor any electronic device in your home (TV, Washing machine, computer, AC, lighting, security systems etc.)…

clip_image002Evolutech Networks offer smart grid solutions for your home. Virtually you can control and monitor any electronic device in your home (TV, Washing machine, computer, AC, lighting, security systems etc.) at the touch of mobile phone key or online web click from anywhere. Intelligence-embedded Daylight Sensors and Occupancy sensors can also be added, ensuring lights are turned off when room is unoccupied thus cutting down the energy bill.

Founded in August 2009, Evolutech is incubated at Technology Business Incubator, Kongu Engineering College.


Q&A with Mr. N. Arulanand, CEO – Evolutech Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Q: How does the product works? Can you share few applications?

A: Lights, Air Conditioning (ACs), all Electrical Appliances, Doors, Window Shades, Safety equipments like Smoke & Gas Leakage Detectors are wireless connected and made to communicate with each other in secured way via central wireless gateway products (wireless gateway, power socket for wireless control, wireless plug).

A web-based GUI application installed in a remote location at user’s convenience collects the data from the residential home through internet and GSM network and helps to Control, Monitor and Schedule operations of the network devices.

Few applications:

– You can switch on AC / heater in advance when you are about to reach home via your cell phone.

– You can program any device to switch on/off at fixed time without your physical presence. In the western world, power tariffs for home consumers vary from hour to hour depending on peak load timings. One can program washing machine to automatically start when power tariff is low. This might be future in India as well.

Evolutech’s product offering include hardware as well as software.

Q: So far, smart home solutions have been confined to elite in the society. Do you plan to cater to the same customer set?

A: Not really. For a 2 BHK apartment, our solution will cost around 50,000 rupees which is affordable amongst most of the upcoming housing projects.

Q: There are large multinational players in home and building automation. How do you plan to compete with them? Are there any domestic players as well?

A: Our price is a fraction of imported solutions due to use of Indian software and hardware. That is a big differentiator.

There are few Indian startups planning to enter this space. However, nobody has commercially launched the product so far.

Q: At what stage are you in product development and launch?

A: Our product is undergoing trails with few developers in South India. We expect the product to be commercially available soon. We are working on getting requisite certifications and improving aesthetics of the product.

Q: Will you be selling the products to home owners, builders or OEMS?

A: We will be following institutional sales model at this point. Our current target customers are builders coming up with new housing projects.

Q: Evolutech is developing a product involving hardware which needs significant amount of investment and infrastructure. How did you fund the venture?

A: We got seed fund from Government of India. For fueling future growth, we are talking to various investors.

Q: Your products claim to offer > 20% energy savings. How does your solution help in energy efficiency?

Smart control and monitoring helps in efficient usage of devices and lighting system. These savings have been validated by customers running trials for our products. We conducted trials at a student’s hostel and customer was able to realize energy savings of 20%.

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