Monetize your Tweets with Twitter Ad Networks [List]

Monetize your Tweets with Twitter Ad Networks. A look at how companies are trying to build monetization model around Twitter?

Even though Twitter hasn’t yet started monetizing it’s own property, there are several ad networks that have come up on Twitter and are trying to monetize Twitter craze.

Here is the list


Magpie lets advertisers create campaigns (ad messages/keywords, follows pay-per-sale, lead, click and view model) and identifies the most influential Magpie-Twitterers for a campaign based on the selected keywords.

Tweet Birdie
Tweet Birdie

For twitterers, magpie lets them monetize their twitter follower base. What magpie does is that it ‘claims’ to identify the ads related to what you generally tweet about and the core USP lies in the match.


Twittad is an ad network that connects Advertisers and Twitter users. By using Twittad, Twitter users can monetize their profiles & Advertisers can reach Twitter user base based on geography, demography, location, category etc.

Once you sign-in, Twittad puts a $value to your profile (based on follower count and other parameters etc) and advertisers will bid for a placement on your profile page.

Once you accept the ad, Twittad will upload the ad to your profile page (using Twitter api).


Using Twivert, advertisers can create the ads and select timeslots when the ads have to be published. Publishers/Twitterers can sign up for the ads and publish the paid tweets (can control timing/tweets etc).


Featured Users is a Twitter application ad network. As an advertisers/publisher, you need to buy banners which will be placed on ‘Recommended User’ section of Twitter apps that are part of FeaturedUsers network.

The service is also planning to launch geotargeting capability for advertisers. Good for twitter app developers, but not such a great service for advertisers (spammiest of the lot)


Follow @paymetweets and if you see a tweet on the @paymetweets page that fits with what you like to tweet about, click the link at the end of the tweet.

Once you login with your Twitter account (oAuth implemented), you will see the entire tweet and exactly how it will read in your stream if you RT it (starts with PRT, i.e. Paid Retweet, followed by @username, of the person/brand paying for the tweet).

Million Dollar Follow

Inspired from milliondollarpage, million dollar follow is a network that can let you earn more followers.

You can start advertising MDF from $1, and users who buy an ad are regularly entered into a lottery drawing where they can win new followers. The final winner will receive 1 million followers.

The catch with MDF is that the moment you signup, you will be subscribed to 150 followers (i.e. advertisers) and the system will randomly select one advertiser to receive one million followers when the millionth ad spot is sold.


Same as other ad networks, BeTweeted enables advertisers to reach out to network of twitterers. Unlike other platforms, BeTweeted is a CPC model and the company charges 25% commission on all per-click fees.

Other networks: Twitguru, TwtMob

What’s your opinion on these ad networks? How many of them will survive?

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