Eye My Baby: No Kidding, but your Smartphone is now a Nanny [App Review]

eyemybaby-logoA baby being born is the most wonderful thing that can happen to a couple and is a life changing experience. While the joy is immense at the birth of a new born, parents also need to go through a lot of changes in their lives. One of the biggest would probably be the changing sleep cycles.

This is where Eye My Baby an Android app comes in. The app monitors the baby and informs a parent when the baby’s sleep is disturbed allowing the parent to finish chores in a separate room, spend quality time with a spouse and also allows the baby to sleep better.

While there are a quite a few other baby monitor apps on the Play Store, we found this one easy to use.

The app does require you to place an Android phone near your baby and have another phone to receive notifications.



The app has a ton of features in its quest to be a baby sitter and a baby monitor in one app. While sleeping if a baby makes noise, Eye My Baby is capable of detecting the noise and can play either a lullaby selected from the phone’s music library or the parent can also record his or her voice which will be played back to put the baby back to sleep.

If the baby still continues to cry, the app can alert the parents via notifications, email, or phone call.

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While we did not have a baby to try this app out on, we did play around with it for a bit. The app is very easy to set up and one can easily customize the way one wants to be notified as well as sensitivity of the noise levels. The app seems to use a combination of noise levels and movements to alert parents. The app developers recommend that you keep the device at least 1-2 meters away from the baby to protect it from any effects of radiation, and we agree.

The app was able to pick up noise levels on our Galaxy Nexus very well and the alerts were sent immediately.

While playing back a recorded voice or a lullaby we did notice that the app would depend on the hardware of the device and one would have to keep the loudspeaker facing upwards to get the desired result.

The app also has an event log which keeps a track of when the baby is awake or is disturbed.

The user interface of the app is simple to use but does not follow the Holo design guidelines that was introduced with Android 4.0.

Being an app that is constantly monitoring for noise levels, we did find that the app does have an effect with battery life. But to the developer’s credit they have included an option in the settings to send a notification to the receiving device if the battery falls below 10%.

While we don’t think this app would serve as a replacement for baby monitor devices considering that two smartphones would be required, this could be useful to those parents that have a spare phone lying about.  Also there is nothing like the touch of a parent rocking a baby to sleep.


The Team

The app has been developed by Wishtree Technologies, a software company headquartered in Ahmedabad, having offices in the US, UK and Australia. The team is currently building an iOS app which will be released soon. The team consists of Ashish Chowdhary, who is in charge of conceptualisation and UI designing, Saurabh  Pandya who takes care of Android Development, iOS development is being done by Shrimant Nikate. Sachin Pandey handles designing while Dilip Bagrecha and Ravi Iyer are partners.

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