With MakeMyDish, Create Dishes With Whatever Ingredients You Have at Hand


With MakeMyDish, Create Dishes With Whatever Ingredients You Have at Hand

If you hate to cook, are too lazy to buy new ingredients for a dish, or are just beginning to cook – here’s an app that will make things easier.

MakeMyDish is an app where users can key in the ingredients at hand, and get a list of recipes generated on the basis of it. It also generates recipes of dishes as well.

Users can pick from a variety of cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, American, Lebanese and more. It also has a choice of various diets, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescetarian, Ovotarian etc.

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Apart from this the app also has integrated speech recognition and the developers claim it recognises more than 1,700 recipes. Recipes can be shared on Facebook, Pinterest or pinned to the start page.

The app sources its recipe and API from recipe database, yummly.com. It contains over 1 million recipes from various blogs and websites.

What Works for MakeMyDish

  • Keyed in just two-four ingredients and got hit with many recipes

  • Good interface, fairly simple to use

  • Lets you filter based on cuisine, diet, ingredients making your job easier

  • Had a nutrients overview

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What Needs to be Worked Upon

  • Took a century to get installed on the Nokia Lumia 720 as the speech recognition software didn’t load. It said 5 minutes, but we waited an hour. Re-installed it twice.

  • The recipe database could be better had cuisines been sourced from food blogs of that particular cuisine. For example, Indian food recipes are also sourced from Martha Stewart’s cookbook.

  • More recipes from particular cuisines would work great

  • The two ingredient method did not always work. Got no results at times.

  • Doesn’t have a non-vegetarian diet type, but displays them

  • Only available on Windows.

Overall, MakeMyDish seems like a great app for anyone who doesn’t have time on their hands.

The developers say that there will soon be an update to extend speech recognition to other languages. There will also be an option to list ingredients on the basis of the servings.

It has received 3065 downloads so far. Get the app for your Windows phone here.

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