What Makes Gridle A One Stop Shop for All Communication Needs

An average employee spends nearly three hours each and every day just communicating over mails, suggests a report.

Gridle, a collaborative platform wants to help you cut down on this. The platform makes managing multiple emails, attachments, contacts, to do lists and calendars, et al hassle free.

The mission is to enhance productivity. Gridle has six tools that provide functions like File Sharing, Time Line, Instant Messaging, Task management system, groups and planner.

Gridle 2

In an era of where there are multiple technological platforms for communication, maintaining each of them with multiple logins and passwords is a big headache. Gridle is an effort to conflate all this into one place with the integration of Skype, DropBox, Google Drive and Ever Note.

The tool is also equipped with extraction from Google Account. Gridle makes the platform more interactive and user friendly by putting up lists of people, tasks and their projects on a single screen-space, providing information in a story-board format. The platform uses data-visualization to generate and maintain a log of activity and due events, tasks and activities. Gridle claims to use the most powerful graphic library for data-visualization that exists in the world today that is d3.js with a backdrop that visual communication is perceived 10 times faster than a literary communication.

Gridle, in its initial stage, is running on a freemium model with no charges levied up to a team of 15 people. After that, the firm plans to charge Rs 150-200 a user a month for upgrades and upfront cost for enterprises, depending on the cloud space required by the client. Claimed as a ‘pay-as-you-go’ entity, there are no entry or exit barriers.

One can start or discontinue the service as and when one likes. What makes Gridle help lower the current price barrier, which is $5- $8, to something as low as $2-$3 per user a month is the integration of API of popular services and offer of cloud based services. Very few collaborative platforms have come from India. Gridle1

Gridle comes handy to monitor, track and work better and it is happen more likely to the growing startups. What makes Gridle stand apart from the hoards of such products in the market is its pricing structure, cloud based services and its ability to integrate with all popular tools used in the market.

Gridle is a CIIE – IIM A incubated startup and has won business competitions around the country, raking up a pile of cash and awards. Founded by Yash Shah and Abhishek Doshi, the firm has managed to put up its finances in a good shape through the cash prizes it won.

It has raised an angel investment of Rs. 10 Lakh through an independent angel investor and CIIE’s iAccelerator Programme. The firm has launched part I of the product by December end. Currently, Gridle manages 207 clients across the globe and is aggressively looking to pitch in the Indian and south Asian markets.

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