THE Guide to Making A Kickass Video To Demo Your Awesome Product


THE Guide to Making A Kickass Video To Demo Your Awesome Product

Most startups can do with a decent demo video explaining their product, but getting a demo video produced can at times burn a hole in the pocket. Even though professional videos will have an edge over the homebrewed ones, giving it a shot is always good.

Remember, making video demos aren’t easy. Here are a few pointers a tools for making an amateur product demo.

Before you start with your video you have to decide what message the video should convey and who your target audience will be. The second most important parameter to watch is the length of the video. Try and keep the video within 2-3 minutes, the Golden Rule here is “The shorter the better”.

Having varied visuals is something that will retain the attention of your audience. If it is just an audio track, you rather listen to it while the video plays on in the background.

Start with a script

Script WritingA script is a very essential part of any video, but a lot of times the importance of a good script is ignored. It should be like the foundations for your video.

A script should start with  a description of the problem you or your product is trying to solve. Then comes how your product can solve this issue and the benefits of your product. If required, the next can be a description of how the user can benefit from using your product rather than other competing solution.

Care should be taken that you do not offend or insult any other competition in this step. Be honest and if your product is really good it will work.

Make a Storyboard/Illustration

Have a storyboard/illustration of the video flow, at least a rough one, is important as it will give you a good idea of how the story, or what you intend to describe to your audience, will look like.

Choose your prefered type of demo video

The next step involves you choosing what kind of video you want to create. Some of the types are

  • Whiteboard

Whiteboard animation involves the description of things through pictures drawn on a whiteboard by a hand. Initially this process involved an artist recording themselves in the process of  drawing the artwork. Nowadays this process can be done using various software tools available on the internet.

  • Animation Videos (2D and 3D)

Animation videos can be either 2D, 2.5D or 3D. The product/service is described through an animated story. Animation can be more interesting and more engaging in most scenarios, as it involves a lot of moving subjects. In a lot of cases animations can be done without a voice over, using just text bubbles. There are many software tools on the internet that allow you to make animated videos.

  • Live Action

Live  Action video involves describing your product/service with actors and a live demonstration of the product. This type of video is really useful for demoing mobile application or other similar physical products. A voice over and overlay animations will add more engagement factor to live action videos. You can create them by recording a video and a voiceover and then overlaying them and adding some animation(optional) to the final cut.

  • Infographics

Infographics videos include a lot of data and statistics to describe the product/service to the user. Sometimes infographics are also included in some of the other type of videos to add some insightful information into them. This type of production can come in handy for service related products and where comparison is involved. Again voice overs can help add more engagement factor to infographic videos. You can create infographics using various online tools available on the Internet, these can then be made into a video, along with a voiceover, using tools like Windows Movie Maker, iMovie or other similar video editing tools.

  • Screencast

Screencast videos are in a way related to live actions videos as they involve capturing a live screencast of the service/product in use. Again these type of demo videos are useful mainly for application and service tools, especially on the computer. You can capture videos using various screen capture tools available on the internet and add a voiceover them later on using tools like Windows Movie Maker, iMovie or other similar video editing tools.

  • Stop Motion

Stop Motion videos are a different type of animation(usually 3D) that involves capturing the motion of the animation frame by frame and then dropping some frames to give a motion freeze feel to the video. Even though these videos look fun and there are tools available online to create them, producing one can be tricky.

EditingEdit the Final Cut of the video

Once you have recorded and produced the video type of your choice, you have to edit them to make it looks presentable and short. You can use a tool a video editing tool for the same. Most tools will allow you to split/chop parts of the video. You will be able to add images, captions, subtitle, background music and some basic effects too with these tools.

Choose your delivery channel

YouTube is the one of the most prefered channels to distribute videos on the internet. The service is free, videos are embeddable and can be shared to various social media networks also. Vimeo is another tool popular among the design conscious users, which provide service similar to the ones offered by YouTube. There are other similar portals that provide similar internet services over the internet too.

Tool Kit

Here are some of the tools that you can use for making your demo video.

Scripting Tools: Celtx, RawScripts, Trelby, Story Free

Storyboard Tools: Storyteller, Shotbox, Paper (iPad App), Bamboo Paper(App)

Animation Tools: Wideo, GoAnimate, PowToon, Dvolver, Pencil, Aniboom, Blender, CreaToon

Audio Tools: Audacity, NCH Audio

Screen Capture Tools: VLC player, Screencast O Matic, Screenr, ScreenCastle

Video Editing Tools: Windows Movie Maker, Free Video Dub, Lightworks, VirtualDub, iMovie

Video Delivery Service: YouTube, Vimeo

These are just some of the few tools available, there are many other tools that can be used to make a demo video. If you have any favourites, please leave a comment below.

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