Open Source Center & Regional Computing Group Collaborating to Develop Malayalam Mobile UI

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The International Centre for Free and Open Source Software (Icfoss) and Swatanthra Malayalam Computing are jointly forming a platform to help develop a Malayalam user interface for mobile phones, that will make it easier for OEMs and vendors to implement the UI into devices.

The collaborations is working to standardise Malayalam translations of commonly used terms on mobile interface. The project called Frequently Used Entries for Localisation (Fuel) will help create UI elements for mobile operating systems like Android, iOS etc., according to a recent report. (Via)

This is expected to simplify the creation of user interface elements in mobile computing platforms such as Android, Firefox OS and iPhone OS.

The team behind the project will include academicians, school teachers, linguists, publishers, Wikipedians, and members of the free software community. They will identify Malayalam translations for about 500 English terms that could be used in developing the UI for mobile devices.

Local Language : The Growing Opportunity

With the rise of local language in the digital space, many startups are also trying to focus on developing solution for regional content.

Bangalore based startup Reverie, has developed an SDK for app developers to enable text display, typing and translation in different regional languages. Samsung has tied up with Reverie to make user interfaces in 9 Indian languages including Hindi & Tamil.

Many startups are also trying to support the local language content. Local language news app NewsHunt served 10 billion views and GupShup launched its app in different regional languages.

Internet giants like Google, Wikipedia and government institutions like CDAC are also working on improving local languages usage on the Internet.

India’s National Translation Mission is also in the process making a machine translation system for 22 regional languages.

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