Malicious Android App Download Grows Over 40% QoQ; India High on Threat Ranking


Malicious Android App Download Grows Over 40% QoQ; India High on Threat Ranking

India ranks 6th in the list of countries with the highest number of malicious Android App downloads, according to a recent report, which said that the number of malicious and high-risk Android apps surged from 509,000 in the first quarter of 2013 to 718,000 in the second quarter.

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This volume is expected to exceed one million by the end of 2013, according to Trend Micro’s Q2 2013 Security Roundup Report.

In todays scenarios mobile adware and malicious apps on smartphones and other mobile devices are among the most preferred means of cyber-criminals for deploying malicious threats and malwares.

“In 2012, we saw how the number of mobile malware quickly grew to the same volume that PC malware took more than a decade to reach,”  Dhanya Thakkar, Country Manager, India & SAARC, Trend Micro.

In just 6 months, number of malicious high risk apps surged by more than 350,000. Almost 99% of Android devices were deemed vulnerable to android master key vulnerability, said the report.

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The OBAD (ANDROIDOS_OBAD.A) vulnerability allows installed apps to be modified without users’ consent. It further raised concerns about mostly relying on scanning apps for protection, along with the fragmentation that exists in the Android ecosystem. Once installed, OBAD requests root and device administrator privileges, which allow it to take full control of an infected device, the report said.

India accounts for 2% of the global online banking fraud victims.

The FAKEBANK, another malware spotted this quarter, can also spoofs legitimate apps. It contains specific Android application package files (APKs), which it copies to a device’s

Secure Digital (SD) card. then using the copied APK files, the malware displays icons and a user interface that imitates legitimate banking apps. A method similar to PC banking Trojans that observe users browsing habits and generate spoofs banking sites.

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Its not just malicious Android app download in India that has a high ranking on the list. India also comes 5th on the list of countries with the highest risk of privacy exposure due to app use. When it comes to the spam sending countries, India comes in at the 3rd positions after United states and Spain and accounts for 6.3% of the global spam sends.

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