Manage Your Hiring Process Smooooothly With RecruiterBox

Hiring is not so easy for startups/SMBs and while I certainly believe that recruiting is just like any other sales process, this Bangalore based startup, RecruiterBox is trying to change the game by building a very useful service for startups/SMBs.Recruiter_Dashboard

Recruiterbox helps startups and small companies manage their hiring process better. Once you sign up, you can choose a site address (that is, http://<yourcompany&gt; and start posting jobs.  There are quite a few nifty features that the product offers which makes it a super useful product for SMEs.

  • The product gives you the ability to collaborate/add colleagues for a specific opening.
  • Define Stages/Tracking the Hiring Funnel: Create buckets to track which candidates are at what stage of recruitment. You can also assign people for each stage. This is probably a god-send feature for senior executives who can simply look at the pipeline and can assign budget/track hiring progress. For HR, this helps them manage the entire interview process very well.
  • Call to Actions: When you receive a CV, you are shown HTML preview of the CV (supports doc, docx, rtf and pdf format) you can define a ToDo, add relevant labels (php candidate, web designer etc etc) assign stage to the applicant – that is, contextual call-to-actions on the site. Very neatly done, I must say.
  • Most importantly, Recruiterbox is a one-stop shop for recruitment process. Very few products really close the loop when it comes to a solution offering, and Recruiterbox surely does a neat job. Once you sign up, you get a site address, a unique email id and any email/CV that is sent to this id will automatically be added to your dashboard (and attachments will be uploaded). Similarly, you get a hosted career page which can be customized – you can customize the domain name (like and even the look and feel. Across all your marketing channels (like Facebook page, blogs, other job boards), you can share the same email id/site address and all resumes/CVs will be hit your dashboard.
  • UX – the site has a very simplified user experience (though navigation for managing settings needs to be relooked).

Overall, a neat product that has managed to grab customers like Groupon China and surely is a big story in making. Having said that, the product pricing is a bit startup unfriendly – $30/month for 5 openings, $50/month for 15 openings and $100/month for 40 openings (is number of openings really the right metric against pricing? It’s not, in my opinion).

Also, the Bangalore based startup is solving the process part (of hiring), though startups have a much bigger challenge in hiring (i.e. of reach/discovery) and I am not sure if startups are really the right customer base for this  (maybe, funded startups or SMEs?). That is, recruiterbox needs a better positioning statement vis-à-vis the target segment it is going after.

QnA With The Team

Here is a quick QnA with Raj Sheth, cofounder of RecruiterBox

You are solving the ‘process’ part, so this may not be so relevant to startups (who need more discovery/outreach). What’s your take? Isn’t this a solution for big companies (who struggle to keep up with CVs/tracking updates)?

Our target market is companies less than 200 employees (hiring startups included) that currently use email and excel sheets to manage their hiring. Startups can save time by first publishing their opening on social media through recruiterbox, and then receiving all applications directly into our system (from their career page, job boards and other places). This is one of our main features – the auto-forwarding of “by opening” applications to the system. Startups would usually not go for any solution at all, but our price and simplicity is leading to traction within this base (examples – hashcube and beevolve (India), Cloudscaling and Blue Mountain Labs (US), Groupon China are all customers).

Big companies use enterprise solutions which have other HR functions in it (like approvals etc). So we are not pitching to companies with 200+ employees.

The target market is surely not India (alone). How do you plan to reach out?

Yes, target market is US and Europe in addition to India. 70% of our current user base is international. We are currently reaching out to these folks through listings/advertising on Google App Marketplace,, and a few other app stores. In addition, we are actively writing blogs and publishing to HR sites, we have an adwords campaign, and participate in startup events. We are currently trying to gain more press in the US and tie up with certain sites/partners. There are 3MM small businesses on google apps alone which are potential customers.

Integration with existing HRMS products? Is that on your roadmap?

Recruiterbox is a stand-alone application (works well with all current processes at small companies), but no other integration planned yet.

Do give Recruiterbox a spin and share your comments/feedback with the team.

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