AMA On Building A Product-led Growth Business With Manjunath, VP of Product & Engineering @ Flipkart

The Product-led growth era has arrived and how. Almost every product company in the world has adopted this model which relies on an end-user focused model to drive growth. In this model, the energies of a company are devoted to building a product for users and optimizing it for their needs while enabling growth and acquisition to take place via the product itself.

It is, of course, easier said than done.

How should a startup go about building a product-led growth business? Can a small team achieve this easily? How does one account for business vs. growth? Are they the same thing for a product-led team?

To address these queries, on April 23rd (Thursday), joining us on Huddle is Manjunath Talwar, Vice President Product & Engineering @ Flipkart for an AMA on Building A Product-led Growth Business.

Manjunath has over 15 years of experience in consumer and enterprise products. He has worked at leading firms such as i2, Tally and Yahoo while also having founded Hiree, which was acquired by Quikr. At Flipkart, he now heads Product & Engineering teams for a number of important categories.

When: April 23rd (Thursday) | 5 PM IST
Ideal for: Founders, Product Leaders, Product Marketers, Investors

You can also watch the AMA live on Facebook & Youtube.

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