Watch out Orkut – PM Manmohan Singh is on Facebook (and so are other celebrities)

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Watch out Orkut – PM Manmohan Singh is on Facebook (and so are other celebrities)

There are news report that says Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh is on Facebook, while his former media advisor mentions that PM is too net ‘unsavvy’ to be on Facebook, but apparently he is.

Or maybe he is not – and this could be just another fanpage created by media house (or some individual?).

Search for Manmohan Singh results in 5 pages, with one garnering 10K+followers.
The point is not whether PM is on Facebook or not (how can he be on Facebook when Indian government has banned social networking and external email for diplomats) – the point here is that new entrants like Facebook/Twitter are being preferred over the popular social network, i.e. Orkut when it comes to conversation (i.e. celebrity –> mass/lesser mortals conversation).

And this is where Orkut is losing (or will lose). And no, we aren’t talking about traffic, but we are talking about super users of the systems who are probably moving away to Facebook or Twitter – infact, they are bypassing Orkut and are building connections at Facebook or Twitter.

Orkut is still about scraps, college buddies, and some amount of voyeurism, but is surely not the best place to engage with the community.

Social networks are all about intents and the intent for celebrity is to show-off, they need ego massage in a controlled format, which Orkut is probably not able to live upto.

Is Orkut going through incumbent syndrome and losing out to players who are in-vogue?

What’s your opinion? Is Orkut a ‘cool’ thing anymore?

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