Peer to Peer Network ManyShip Wants to be the AirBnB for Posts & Parcels

If you love sending stuff to relatives living abroad, you are going to love ManyShip. If you love receiving stuff from folks back home, you’re gonna love ManyShip more.

ManyShip is a peer-to-peer social shipping platform where travelers with extra space can offer to carry packages for you and in turn make money for their service.

Travelers can go to the site and make a post detailing their trip, how much extra space they have and how much they want to be paid to carry a package for someone.

People wanting to send stuff can search for the right traveler and hit them up with a request. Travelers earn rewards, money, and make connections around the world. Senders get the job done for cheaper!Manyship

The site has an intuitive user interface and makes things easy for both travelers looking to earn some extra bucks on the side and for people wanting to send stuff abroad. Search is a tad slow but isn’t too painful.

Although I couldn’t find anyone flying out from Chennai or Delhi, I was happy to find people from Bangalore going to a couple of destinations in the US. As the service picks up, you’d be likely to find more and more people coming into India or going out of India willing to carry stuff for you.

For me, the service has many things going for it. It saves time and money. It’s also environment friendly. “By connecting the millions of people traveling each day on local, national, and international levels, we aim to create a global network of people sending goods and helping others by becoming ManyShip travelers,” says Michael Bennett, the co-founder of ManyShip.

Prasad Kopanati, the other co-founder of the company is a software developer based in the US.

The natural question that comes to mind is: What about flight safety? Who guarantees safety of goods? Well, these questions were asked of AirBnB too, when they first asked people to rent out their homes to strangers. Trust networks have a way of getting better. Moreover, since travelers make money, they have an incentive to keep their ratings up.

Paris based is attempting something very similar.

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