MapmyIndia launches New Version; Adds Union Territories, Other Features

Maps of Union Territories Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep have also been included in this version.

MapmyIndia_New_MapsDelhi based digital mapping and GPS navigation company MapmyIndia has announced the launch of version 8.0 maps. With this update, the service will now cover cover 10.33 million places, 1.9 million road kilometers, 600,000 villages, 4,787 cities at street level, 50 cities at house level and 46 cities in full 3D, the company said.

Maps of Union Territories Andaman & Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep have also been included in this version.

The new maps include advanced and localized navigation and driver assistance features such as extended lane guidance, junction views, signposts, live traffic, city guides and rich points of interest, regional voice guidance and regional maps.

Some details of the features found in the Ver.8

  • Extended lane guidance (telling the user which lane to get into prior to a turn or exit), junction views (how the upcoming intersection looks in real-life)

  • Sign-posts (which major landmarks, localities and cities lie in the direction of upcoming turns)

  • Day-time based turn restrictions (based on time and day, whether the particular road is 2-way or one-way in a particular directions)

  • Live traffic (what is the live congestion on roads in the city).

The city guides and rich points of interest feature detailed descriptions and photographs of places to visit, stay, eat and shop in popular tourist destinations and cities. Voice guidance is available in 10 regional languages and regional maps in 4 local languages (which displays the map in the regional language).

MapmyIndia GPS navigation system comes with turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation to the building doorstep, not just a nearby landmark or the general locality. The version 8.0 MapmyIndia maps will continue to provide full 3D coverage of India, with digital elevation models and terrain across India, thousands of full-scale 3D landmarks across India and full 3D city models containing 3D buildings in residential and commercial areas for 46 major cities across India, including all the major metropolitan areas.

Customers can buy MapmyIndia GPS navigation systems and update the maps to version 8.0 in their existing navigation systems by visiting MapmyIndia’s online store.

We had recently covered MapmyIndia’s launch of Mappls, a system dedicated to addressing key challenges such as Computer-aided Dispatch (CAD) Solution for Emergency Response.

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