MapmyIndia Launches New Version of Maps For India With More Regional Language Support


MapmyIndia Launches New Version of Maps For India With More Regional Language Support

mapmyindiaDigital maps, GPS navigation and location apps company, MapmyIndia has launched the latest version 8.1 maps for India.

The new version comes with voice guidance in 9 regional Indian languages along with Hindi map text for 10 Indian cities and expanded coverage of over 2 million kilometres road network with information like multiple names, road classification, one-ways, turn restrictions, divider, service lanes, roundabouts, flyovers, tolls, slip roads, ramps etc.

The new map version 8.1, covers 6028 cities at street level with house address level data for 52 cities and 3D & 2D landmarks in 88 cities. It also covers 10.54 million unique destinations (Points of Interests), 600,000 villages 66 cities with 3D & 2D landmarks.

Some of the other features include localized navigation and driver assistance like extended lane guidance, junction views, sign-posts, live traffic, city guides and rich points of interest, regional voice guidance and regional maps.

The 9 regional languages supported include Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and Kannada. The 10 Indian cities with map text in Hindi are Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, J&K , Punjab and Uttaranchal.

The map also provides 3D digital elevation models and terrain along with 360-degree views of popular tourist and commercial landmarks. Full 3D city models containing 3D buildings in residential and commercial areas are also available for 66 major cities across the country, that include major metropolitan areas.

Existing customers can update their navigation systems to the latest map version 8.1, by visiting MapmyIndia online store.

MapmyIndia_New_MapsThe company had also recently launched MapmyIndia Zx350 GPS navigator, a personal navigation device (PND) with a 5.0” responsive screen that offers a wide map-view while navigating.

Earlier in October this year MapmyIndia launched its Explore app that helps users find millions of useful places of interest like ATMs, restaurants, petrol pumps, hospitals etc. around them with an added social touch.

With the technology and Internet penetration increasing into rural India, beyond the English speaking population, companies are trying to tap into this non-English market by providing support for more regional languages.

Reverie, a Bangalore based startup, has developed an SDK app developers to enable text display, typing and translation in different regional languages. Recently, Samsung tied up with Reverie to make user interfaces in 9 Indian languages including Hindi & Tamil.

Many other startups are also trying to support the local language content. Local language news app NewsHunt served 10 billion views and GupShup launched its app in different regional languages.

Also Internet giants like Google, Wikipedia and government institutions like CDAC are working on improving local languages usage on the Internet.

India’s National Translation Mission is also in the process  making a machine translation system for 22 regional languages.

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