MapMyIndia Targets Youth, Launches Light(er) Version of the Navigation Device

MapMyIndia has launched LX130 (nicknamed MapmyIndia Light), a sleek new GPS navigation gadget targeted towards the youth.

MapmyIndia Light is essentially a on-the-go device which you can simply carry with yourself (unlike the ones which are plugged into your car etc)

The device is equipped with maps of 401 cities, over 8.3 lakh km of roads connecting 4 lakh towns & villages and boasts of around 10 lakh PoIs (points of interest) like cinema halls, restaurants, petrol pumps etc.

The device weighs 122 grams, has a bright 3.5’ display screen and costs Rs. 11,990 (more)

Interesting Development

Look at the recent development in navigation space –

All of these companies are focusing on the usage medium (Internet / voice), but not in distribution of the apps to consumer for their daily usage.

Funding in this space

The navigation space is gearing up for the next level of war, though it seems that the battle is more about distribution and not on improving the quality of data (sad that most of the big numbers announced by companies do not translate to anything meaningful to end users, as lat/long is still an unconquered territory).

What’s your take?

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