MapmyIndia makes CarPad sibling. It’s smaller, cheaper but keep your eyes on the road


MapmyIndia makes CarPad sibling. It’s smaller, cheaper but keep your eyes on the road

MapmyIndia’s Android based  navigation tablet, the CarPad has gotten itself a  tinier and cheaper sibling– the CarPad 5. The digital maps and location based services provider on Wednesday announced the launch of CarPad 5, one of the the company’s next generation of connected car products.

CarPad 5, much like its predecessor, is a GPS navigator, smart phone and 3G tablet running on 1 GHz Samsung processor.



The navigation device’s larger kin, the 17.8 cm CarPad was launched earlier this year and is selling at Rs 22, 990. The new tablet, smaller in size, sells for Rs 19,990.

In an earlier post, had asked if the price was too high to pay for a similar device by the company? While the company is eager to dub the devices a success, we are still waiting to hear from them on the numbers.

The device has built in 3G and Wi-Fi and has a 5 inch capacitive touch screen and is pre-loaded with Aura, MapmyIndia’s 3D navigation interface.

“The CarPad 5 is one of the many in-car productivity gadgets we plan to launch in the near future,” said Rakesh Verma, Managing Director, MapmyIndia.

MapmyIndia CarPad 5 features

Live turn-by-turn voice guidance to places

Augmented reality with 3D landmarks

The map covers over 6.3 million places, 5,79,000 towns and villages, 4000 cities at street-level, house-level data for 36 cities and 3D landmarks and building footprints for 34 major cities. 

The 3G enabled Android device enables users to call, message, mail and chat, search and browse the web.

Price & Availability

Price: Rs 19,990. Available here.

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