Navigation Roundup: MapMyIndia: iNav, SatNav take UGC route with roadsofindia


Navigation Roundup: MapMyIndia: iNav, SatNav take UGC route with roadsofindia

SatNav, having secured $7mn from Sequoia seems on the aggressive path in the GPS navigation space.

Apart from focusing on retail distribution, the company launched RoadsofIndia (month back) and also launched ‘Citizen Mapper’, a GPS Enthusiast centric initiative aimed at rewarding the users for suggesting additional Points of Interest (POI’s) and also sharing updates on what changes occur in their city.

One can add feedback/PoI’s and feedback ensures that the user automatically gets registered on SatNav’s website and company then rewards the user by crediting Rs. 5 into that account, for every POI that gets incorporated in the map.

MapMyIndia: iNav

MapMyIndia has launched iNav, GPS-based application for mobile phones that offers:

  • Graphical map guidance assisted by voice instructions
  • Search points of interest near by, along the way or around the destination
  • Route recalculation in case recommended turn not taken
  • Detours to avoid specific road
  • Ability to store your very own favourite locations

Earlier, MapMyIndia partnered with Ford and GM for in-car voice navigation system, that is preloaded with 52 categories of PoIs (point of interest)

Others in this space:

  • Nokia too has launched Nokia 6210 Navigator, a GPS-enabled mobile phone with an integrated in-map compass for pedestrian guidance.(and of course, they acquired navteq)
  • Blaupunkt launched GPS Device earlier.

Navigation is one business which is still not cracked by any of the companies – thanks to the unavailability of lat/long data.

Who do you think has a strong hold here?

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