MapmyIndia launches version 7.1 of Maps : Day-time based turn restrictions, Live traffic and more


MapmyIndia launches version 7.1 of Maps : Day-time based turn restrictions, Live traffic and more

The digital maps and location based services provider, MapmyIndia has announced the release of version 7.1 maps of India. The maps cover 7.1 million places of interest, 1.9 million road kilometers, 600,000 towns and villages, 4,751 cities having street-level details, 39 cities with house-level details and 36 cities with full 3D city models.

The new version of map also boasts of advanced and localized navigation including driver assistance features such as

  • Extended lane guidance (Instructing the user which lane to get into prior to a specific turn or exit)
  • Junction views (how the upcoming intersection actually looks like)
  • Day-time based turn restrictions (based on time and day, whether the particular road is 2-way or one-way in a particular directions)
  • Sign-posts (which major landmarks, localities and cities lie in the direction of upcoming turns)
  • Live traffic (real-time update about traffic on particular road and area)

MapmyIndia has been very aggressive on launching new and improved version of products this year, earlier in June the company had launched LX130 (nicknamed MapmyIndia Light), a sleek new GPS on-the-go navigation device targeted towards the youth. Further, in August 2012 MapmyIndia unveiled Android based navigation tablet CarPad 5. CarPad 5 is essentially a GPS navigator, smartphone and 3G tablet running on 1 GHz Samsung processor.

Launched in 1992, besides English, MapmyIndia also offers voice guidance in 9 regional languages and plans to launch regional maps in 4 local languages. As of now, MapmyIndia had raised $12 million of total investment from investors such as Qualcomm Ventures (VC arm of Qualcomm), Nexus India, KPCB and Sherpalo Ventures in two series. In 2009, MapmyIndia raised $9 million in its series B from same investors who participated in series A.

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