MapMyLead to Track your Missed Online Visitors

Here is a startup: from Nabler Web Solutions, that seems a cool and useful product for all internet based businesses across the world. But the only thing terrible, yes *terrible* indeed –  about this startup is that they are totally unreachable for the customers, PR and geeks already. When it comes to using their product, or evaluating it for coverage on our blog (For PR agencies out there: We do not cover startups without evaluation at all; even if it takes up to 6 hours to understand one’s business/startup as Naman did for the Indonesian Startup Kulacak recently.) there is hardly any means to access the product on-line. That any other web analytics company (even the Big G) does so seamlessly.

MapMyLead offers granular insights about buyers (from visiting companies with static-ip) and their behavior which could help you with missed calls in sales or even market intelligence. This helps in identifying Name and location of the companies from which visitors came to your website and their level of interest – even if they did not fill your form. The IP tracking tool and cookie tracker tracks every visiting company (with registered IP) coming on to your website, without any previous track record.

MapMyLead collects decisive details like:

  • Company name – for all companies with registered static IPs
  • Pages visited in each session and time spent on those pages
  • Keywords used for search
  • City, country, region of the visitor

When we contacted them for product trial before coverage on we got this message :

Date: Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 1:16 PM
Subject: RE: MapMyLead – Website Inquiry from Ashishk Sinha

Hi Ashish,

Thanks for sending us an enquiry with regards to our MapMyLead product.

Are you looking for any specific info I could help you with? If so, then I can call you if you could send me your contact numbers.

Best Regards,

And the conversation ended at this point.

Now the issue that I wanted to bring out is that, it’s really nice to have web-analytics offering coming out from our part of world, and that such an application can be very useful in tracking missed calls on sales too; but then why not apply the same formula to one’s own business too? First. What’s the point in going out with a web-based solution where trying out is not as simple as it can get with its competition.

See how MixPanel does it.

On second part, I wanna congratulate the team of developers who created the application and would request the Pi readers to give a look at it.

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