Of Zuckerberg’s Hoodie And Why Being Written Off Is Cool.

A lot many first time entrepreneurs go through serious heartaches when media/analysts write them off. When people tell you on your face that ‘you suck’. ‘you are dead’, you almost start believe them.

But, NO!

Media (including social media, i.e. YOU) is governed by present trends, numbers and news; and more often than not, media (including YOU) has no clue of an entrepreneur’s capability and what lies ahead. An Entrepreneur’s Mind is more complex than what media (including YOU) can ever imagine.

Why Am I Including YOU

If you are wondering why I am stressing on YOU, the truth is that media has turned more social and personal. While one can ignore mainstream media bringind down one’s vision/company/approach, social media is extremely difficult to ignore. It’s all over you. Screaming right on your face! All over your social feeds.

And that’s a testing time for real entrepreneurs.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Hoodie

Take a look at how media wrote off Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. And in some cases, made a mockery of the founder.

Zuckerberg's Hoodie- A Sign of Immaturity!
Zuckerberg’s Hoodie- A Sign of Immaturity!
Mark Zuckerberg Does Not Matter
Mark Zuckerberg Does Not Matter
Mark Zuckerberg's Hoodie
Mark Zuckerberg’s Hoodie
Facebook Needs A New CEO
Facebook Needs A New CEO


Mark Zuckerberg Stock

It’s your turn, now! If you are being written off, celebrate!

Do something so big that they find reasons to write you off. But till then, dont’ relax!

[PS : Triggered by Marc Andreessen’s tweets]