Mark Zuckerberg Changes His Profile Pic. But I Won’t [Net Neutrality]

For Facebook, supporting ‘Digital India’ directly translates to marketing of in the country. This ain’t any novel initiative – a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Facebook will not just kill innovation (and hurt startups/digital innovation), but will build a walled garden approach to the Internet.

Mark Zuckerberg has changed his profile pic in the support of government’s Digital India’ initiative.

I changed my profile picture to support Digital India, the Indian government’s effort to connect rural communities to the internet and give people access to more services online. Looking forward to discussing this with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Facebook today [Mark Zuckerberg]


For Facebook, India is an extremely important market – not just in terms of size, but also revenue. But then that’s not the reason why Mark is changing his profile pic.

It is for Facebook’s initiative, which is anti net neutrality and will potentially kill the Internet freedom in the country.

Facebook’s Definition of Digital India, And Net Neutrality

For those living under the rock, here is a quick primer on Facebook’s initiative.

The is a partnership between Facebook and other technology leaders to provide basic Internet access for health, education, communication, jobs and local information purposes at absolutely no cost.

Though this sounds great, it also gives Facebook control over what you (the consumer) sees and browse, which gives an unfair advantage to participating services.

There is very little social focused agenda, as is clearly seen from this ad.

This not just kills innovation, but will build a walled garden approach to the Internet – which is worrying.

Facebook Is Desperate About

Facebook wants to *own* the Internet through initiative. Take a look at how they have been conducting polls  – you either like ‘’ or you ‘like later’.

There is no option to say ‘No’.

Facebook Internet Org Message

For Facebook, supporting ‘Digital India’ directly translates to marketing of in the country. This ain’t any novel initiative – a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

So think twice before changing your profile pic – it amounts to supporting Facebook’s initiatives and in the process, stiffling innovation in the country and nothing else.

UPDATE : [notice type=”alrt”]Facebook Will Use Your Profile Pic To Prove Your Support For[/notice]

For Facebook, this is business as usual. Nothing less / nothing more.

Mr. Modi : Are You Supporting Facebook's 'Digital India'?
Mr. Modi : Are You Supporting Facebook’s ‘Digital India’?

  1. Height of Digital Divide in India:
    We sell unused old stuff with just a click of a button. While, Farmer has to pledge himself with middlemen to sell his crop. (Due to Communication gap b/w farmer and buyers)

    AND, You are suspicious of hidden agendas and worried about Net Neutrality with #digitalindia

    As i am from agri background, can someone clarify this ?
    – If Net Neutrality is unbiased internet service from ISP which treat all websites equally, Then why the service is biased towards affordable and not to unaffordable ?.

    -why cannot a rural citizen get benefit from the power of internet with at least a basic service like knowing the mandi prices, basic education, Govt schemes etc ?

    Do you think these people use net to waste their time on facebook and shopping ?

    What’s wrong in giving these services free of cost to a farmer who wants to know latest seed varieties from Agri universities?

    I don’t know the depth of your suspicion. But, spreading your suspicion will cause more harm to the country and rural people. OR otherwise, lets bring pressure on Govt to divide websites in to different categories like Govt Service, Not For Profit services, Media Service, Entertainment, Shopping/e-commerce etc and demand only for above first three in

  2. : -> Is it evil ?
    Absolutely Not.
    Following logic is given against
    => Free internet access to selected few websites will kill competitions. If browsing is free for and then people won’t visit other websites like, etc.

    It is total rubbish. Why ?
    1) Lets say restaurant A offers toll free number for home delivery
    and restaurant B does not. If we apply same logic, then everybody will call restaurant A and restaurant B is doomed. But in all practicality, it is not.
    Business will flourish based on who provides tasty food, more variety and better delivery.
    Because one phone call does not cost much. Same logic is applied to internet.
    Lets say flipkart is on Airtel Zero platform, that does not mean people wont check competitive pricing in other websites. Moreover internet charges are almost free, if you are within your plan limit.(lets say Rs 100 for 300 MB data)

    2) is targeting people who cannot afford internet, who never used internet before. If they cannot afford internet , are they going to buy items online from sanpdeal, amazon,flipkart ?
    Moreover 80/20 rule says 20% of the population generates 80% of the revenues for these company. All big ticket items will be purchased by these 20% of the population. So these people, who never used internet before, were never a customer for these companies.
    So competition will be killed is utter nonsense.

    3) If free access to Facebook is an issue, then same way free TV channel like Doordarshan should be an issue.
    Doordarshan is always under political influence of ruling party, but facebook is completely open platform, absolutely anyone can share their views and useful information.

    4) If business houses provide free internet instead of government doling out subsidies ,what is the harm ?

    5)’s list of 38 sites includes Facebook, Wikipedia,, three job sites (babajobs, Jagran Josh, TimesJobs), and various healthcare, childcare and weather services.
    babajobs posts jobs for Maid, Cook, Aayah, Nurse, Helper etc. Similarly Wikipedia is a store house of knowledge and information. So this free internet going to help those who have never used internet before to find better jobs with better salary and move up the social ladder. They might even take a monthly mobile data plan.

    6) There will be always naysayers, when Indians s/w engineers started with Y2k problem, these naysayers used to call them software coolies, but Y2k
    facilitated software service industry which attracted global corporation in India and eventually start-up ecosystem was created here.

    7) Who are against ? People like us, who can afford internet. We are deciding the fate of those, who never used internet before. This is absolutely ridiculous.

    These naysayers are myopic in their views and fail to see the big picture and always see conspiracy in everything.

    1. Bro, can u explain how can a poor who can afford a 5K plus mobile phone, not buy a Rs100 per month internet pack ?

    1. Nice thoughts, but it would have been appreciative had you asked people to put a normal tricolor filter on their DPs to show support to the PM, and not the Digital India filter, which indirectly( and quite effectively) promotes internet(dot)org!

  3. Yes that’s time for india, Thanks Mark Zuckerberg for supporting india and also Thanks our precedent for trying to connect rural areas Through internet…

  4. yeah.. Airtel in its app allowing only a particular site to open. That’s against net neutrality. is not closing the free internet, its creating another internet with absolutely different facilities and purpose. That’s a thing for support. World’s youngest billionare is not providing free internet to get some slaves of internet.

  5. is not the issue of net neutrality. Its not for you people who have a 4Mbps connection at home. is like a new shopping mall in which shops of some particular brands are giving free products to the customers which is same as the subsidised LPG cylinder provided by the govt. Suppose flipkart is the only shop in the mall which serves all you needs as well as flipkart’s. Its actually a win-win.

    1. No brother. That defies the purpose of internet. Every big company will have an internet of their own which wouldn’t be connected to others. This is crap!!

  6. Placing Indian flag in your profile picture doesn’t sense that we are supporting …. It’s proud moment for India when a American is placing Indian flag as his profile picture….

    1. No, it’s not. Please don’t try to justify thousands of people blindly placing tricolor on their profile picture. We should think before we act. The american, putting tricolr on his dp, neither did it as part of any noble act nor he was inspired by India as a nation. He just did it to market his product. It’s all money for him. And its the start of the end of unbiased internet.
      Also, putting tricolor on our own profile picture doesn’t say that we are voting for or we are voting against net neutrility. But it says that we are with facebook and are supporting facebook’s hidden motive of killing the unbiased internet. It also says that how easily we can be fooled and how blindly we follow the masses.

      Would you still color your profile pictures with tricolor if you know the true motive behind it was to end the innovation?

  7. After every initiative there people like you who try to be different for the sake of looking “cool”.

    You don’t wanna change your pic because Mark did, don’t do this! Do it because your PM did! This is an initiative to show our “Digital India” program and not for promotion of “”. Get your facts right!

    I was an active promoter of Net Neutrality when there was time! I am still supporting it and I’m against as well. I am also well aware about the issue but what you’re trying to do.. is just something I can not appreciate. This is about India’s progress and you are supposed to join in!

    I agree Facebook has its business-interest here and it is obvious too. But if you really have problems with that, should’t you just quit using Facebook as well as they’re trying to push in India?

    Grow up! We could use active blogger like you to support and spread awareness about Digital India campaign. That way you’ll be able to do more than just “looking cool”.

    1. Nice thoughts, but it would have been appreciative had you asked people to put a normal tricolor filter on their DPs to show support to the PM, and not the Digital India filter, which indirectly( and quite effectively) promotes internet(dot)org!

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