“IITians Have No Genuine Love For India; They Are Selfish” : Justice Markandey Katju

“Most of you IIT students have no genuine love for the country. You are utterly selfish, with no patriotism or idealism. And after settling down in America, you will become NRIs – supercilious know-alls, who will give lectures to Indians about what is good for them and what is not!”

Justice Markandey Katju, in his usual controversial style has said that IITians are selfish, have no genuine love for India. (emphasis is ours).

Most of you IIT students have no genuine love for the country. You are utterly selfish, with no patriotism or idealism. All you want is to migrate to America ( and most of you manage to do that ), usually by first going for an M.Tech. degree there ( for which you get scholarship ), and then settling down there and enjoying a comfortable life– and to hell with India.

Markandey Katju
Justice Markandey Katju [Image courtesy: wikipedia]
Your education in IIT is largely subsidized by the Indian taxpayer. But after we Indians pay for your education, you are taken away by America ( or Europe) who benefit from your technical knowledge, which was imparted by us.

Higher education is very expensive in the West. So at a small fraction of the cost of educating you in their own country, the Westerners take away our best brains. That is no doubt a considerable saving for them, though no doubt at our expense.

And after settling down in America, you will become NRIs – supercilious know-alls, who will give lectures to Indians about what is good for them and what is not. “.

What’s your take on his statement? For sure, he is making a point worth debating and well, fixing.

A lot of IITians are coming back and starting up – but then, that’s a small fraction and maybe, it’s time for us to stop chest thumping when an IITian/Indian becomes the CEO of Google/Microsoft and look within and ask : how do we fix all this?

  1. Don’t blame just IITians. It is a matter “where is green”. Nobody alone can work hard in fixing the corrupted political system, no-merit quota system. Then the easiest path is to get into a developed country & enjoy the life. If India provides best technological roads, promote innovations, delivers respect.. these IITians will work in India only!

    Now Mr. Katju, I can show another IITian named Arvind Kejriwal who stayed back to fight for India. He is doing great in Delhi & now one corrupted survey regarded him as most hated person. So if I am an IITian, I am not encouraged by seeing that a “patriotic iitian” became the hatred target!

    Plus, Judges like Katju has lost sheen. You itself says Judges are bribed by politicians. Now all you “big baaps” are corrupted already.. why you are jumping on top of iitians????

  2. Any one who wants to immigrate to the US should watch the movie “Falling Down” – I have a feeling they might think twice! 🙂

  3. U have no idea about the auality of milk,fruits and vegetables of USA.I have lived in USA for 2 years.YOu are not allowed to collect rain waters in some states.You are not allowed the consumption of raw milk their and 90% of their foods are GMO foods laden with pesticides etc.

  4. People should have complete knowledge of facts before posting anything. IITs have a 5 year dual degree programme (B. Tech + M. Tech), which is not even recognized by most Public sector companies. If this is the state of affairs of the country what more do you expect?

  5. http://qz.com/562578/indias-middle-class-is-actually-the-worlds-poor/

    must read Mr. Katju

    Also, what kind of facilities you people are giving to IIT & IT guys in India?
    Do you know what is the basic internet speed people get in US? Its 45mbps domestic internet & 1000mbps is the basic internet speed if you need a business connection and in India, we people are getting 2mbps (shared) with upload speed of 512kbps

    now tell me how can one survive?

    Also, the owner of BOSE music system went to indian govt for getting his magnet less speakers technology some scholarship but people laughed at him.

    And this guy also got support from US guys and now he has produced world’s best music equipments…

    You are talking about the people being selfish… who dont want to go for the better? dont you eat domino’s? dont you or your kids have ever had mc.donalds?

    haven’t you or your kids wore shoes or sleepers like nike, adidas, reebok?

    Okay may be you say i wear BATA then tell me… is BATA an indian company? NO…!!

    Just provide better infrastructure, better opportunities and remove the racism in the name of QUOTA and see people prosper here only.

    Just go and fix all this first and then stop calling people selfish or anything.

    I also support india and love india but definitely for the better life of my kids in future i will surely move to US if god gave me the chance. Atleast my kids wont be drinking “fake milk” and we wont be eating “such a cheap quality vegetables & fruits everyday”.

  6. Yes, IITians have not developed the taste buds to love India like termites of legal system [sorry for blanket remark]. Mr. Katju, have you calculated how much job IITians have created back in India who moved during 80s? Go further and try to calculate how much those jobs have earned tax for government of India.

  7. 16 IITs now, IIT-Patna, Ropar, Gandhinagar, etc..Soon there will be 19 IITs…losing sheen?
    Made in Kota syndrome further casts doubts on cloning at mugging the JEE solutions.
    This year out of all IITs who qualified, only 50% took coaching and this is a good savior. It is no less exhilarating than ‘save the tiger’ campaign. We want Royal Bengal tiger, not the Made in China tiger!
    US visa restriction aggressive on reserving jobs for Americans, that being applied now/recently are one big blows that will help India retain real talent.

  8. Everybody is selfish, when India was sone ki chidiya – The western guys would fight to be posted in India. Columbus did everything in his power to come to India. The Persians, Arabs, jews all came to India for a better life.

    America is the best place to shine, now India is shining and many IIT’ans are coming back. Its just the way human psyche flows 🙂

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