MarketHero: Finding the Real Hero in Stock Trading?

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MarketHero: Finding the Real Hero in Stock Trading? is newly launched startup that is all set to find out the real hero in stock trading market.

Here is how it works:

Everybody starts with Rs. 10 Lakhs and trades the virtual money on delayed real stock trading data from BSE and NSE.

Market Hero is ofcourse the guy who makes the highest bucks within a certain period of time (measured by “HeroMeter”).

MarketHero has devised interesting ways to increase interactivity in the system by enabling users to see others’ activity, HeroMeter scores etc.


In my opinion, MarkerHero brings fresh perspective to stock trading games/advice, which is currently dominated by old school site, moneycontrol; and the UI is awesomely done (scrolling activity is way too cool).

If you think MarketHero is all about virtual stock trading game, you are grossly mistaken. I met Abhimanyu, one of the co-founders and the team is thinking really big and have their plans in place (an e.g. – MarketHero’s major USP is their focus on data – in future, MarketHero will let you upload your stock portfolio and will assist you in analyzing your trading activities – the core aim is to socialize with others and make complex stock trading a lot easier).

This is surely a startup to watch out for.

The product is currently in closed beta and I have 20 invites to give away. If you wanna get in the ring (and try your hero-giri), please leave your email id in the comment section.


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