BrightSpot Enables Businesses to Increase RoI on their Direct Marketing Campaigns

Consumers today are bombarded with increasing number of direct marketing messages coming through a variety of channels such as phone call, SMS, direct mail, email, etc. In most cases these messages, with the purpose of acquiring new customers, are irrelevant and time wasting to the consumer- succeeding only in irking them.

In current competitive environment businesses must differentiate themselves through more targeted, personalized offers to customers – through a channel that is most effective for that customer. Brightspot Technology Solutions, a Coimbatore based startup has developed Campaigner – a multi-channel direct marketing campaign management tool.

Brightspot’s Campaigner tool helps businesses send relevant messages to customers and to maintain consistency across multiple channels – improving the effectiveness of direct marketing.

For example, let us say a midsized bank wants to cross-sell their loan product to their current credit card customers. Instead of blasting an offer to all their current customers in all geographies, the bank can send targeted offers to customers using Campaigner’s advanced modeling and selection engine; the bank can score each customer for propensity to buy, based on their demographic and past transactional behavior. For each customer, a preferred and most effective communication channel can also be assigned based on past responses to campaigns and other behavior. The loan product cross-sell campaign can be sent to the customers who scored high on the propensity score with a personalized message through an appropriate channel. The responses of customers are tracked and follow-up communications can also be scheduled.


Brightspot’s Campaigner™ tool lets businesses manage the entire lifecycle of a campaign by offering following features

  •  Know your customer: Advanced modeling and analysis capability takes in to account customer’s current and past behaviors, usage patterns, responses to past offers, etc., to provide a better understanding of customers as individuals. Such data mining models score customers on key outcomes such as retention, propensity to buy, channel response, etc.. Based on campaign objectives such customer scores can be used to identify the right targets for a specific campaign. Prospect list can also be scored for propensity to respond and product affinity, to optimize acquisition campaign targets.
  • Selecting target customers: Set a segment of customers as targets for a campaign by simply choosing a combination of pre-developed criteria or by defining conditional expressions. A simple intuitive user interface facilitates to develop complex selection criteria.
  • Channel: Based on the requirements of campaigns, each campaign can be configured to use any of the available channels to send out the offer/message. Assign target selections to any of the traditional channels like direct mail or outbound call or to the emerging interactive channels such as email, SMS, web and social media.
  • Communication/Creative: Create communication content (offer) using existing templates or create one from scratch using a powerful editor. Creative created from other programs can also be imported into Campaigner.
  • Campaign Execution: Scheduling and monitoring multiple campaigns and tracking their responses. Campaigns can be configured to execute one time or a recurrence schedule can be set.
  • Multi-Stage Campaigns: Sophisticated multiple campaign waves can be configured with Campaigner. Each wave can be triggered on a specific time schedule or can be based on responses from previous waves.
  • A/B Testing: Marketers can manage a number of campaigns at the same time. They can run A/B testing on campaigns to identify better messaging, creative and offers. Such testing helps marketers to continuously improve campaign effectiveness
  • Digital Assets: Maintain all your digital assets such as images, icons and logos in one central place for maintaining consistency across campaigns

Coimbatore based startup is taking the network solution partner route for sales and has roped partners in India, China and USA. The company offers Campaigner product on SAAS basis as well.

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