Marketing is always psychology. Learn 9 ways to upscale your marketing techniques

Emotions run wild on social media People mirror the positive or negative emotions on social posts This is called “emotional contagion” – Gaurav

80% of the marketing is psychology Here are 9 ways in which psychology is used in marketing 🧵🧵
1. THE PEOPLE MIRRORS Emotions run wild on social media People mirror the positive or negative emotions on social posts This is called “emotional contagion” The mood of the other person directly affected our own mood
2. THE PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOR Colour plays a huge part in our subconscious decision making For ex- -Yellow is for Internet “window-shoppers” -Red creates an emotion of urgency -Blue promotes trust -Orange works best for call-to-actions
3. THE FOMO FEELING Most people make impulse purchases. Brand stakes advantage of this by asking customers to BUY NOW! TRY IT NOW! SHOW NOW! VIEW NOW! GET IT NOW! SUBSCRIBE TODAY!
4. THE SALE MINDSET In psychology, there is a theory called anchoring People base decisions on the first piece of information they receive For Ex- Candles is for $25 but on sale, it’s $12.95 People think they got a crazy good deal!
5. POWER OF IMAGES People remember 80% of what they see and just 20% of what they read Images help in building trust and converting more sales Most of the brands use- -Quality Photography -Stylized for Target Audience -Limited Ad Copy -Clear Call To Action Button
6. THE POWER OF CHOICE Decision paralysis is real There’s a point when choices actually start to demotivate Customers might want to see all of the options, but this will prevent them from making a decision Less is sometimes more!
7. THE EMOTIONAL MESSAGE Emotion usually trumps intellect People respond better to emotional appeals than intellectual ones show how a product can benefit rather than showing a list of features. If you can emotionally connect, you have marketing gold!
8. THE CREATED COMMUNITY People want to make a difference by being a part of a community People tend to view others who are similar to them more favourably Ex- social proof testimonials, mention statistics and data Try to find common ground & draw similarities among customers
9. THE POWER OF ODD Things are always best in odd numbers You’ll often see this effect of three in pricing models On the padding page, if you have options, you might want to add a third. It’ll increase the conversion rate of the option you’d ultimately want people to take.
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