Announcing : A Marketplace for Startups and SME Vendors.

At NextBigWhat, we’re cheerleaders, critics and connectors to the startup ecosystem. You see us doing the the first two very often, and a lot of the third happens behind the scenes, and on places such as our forum (and inbox).

We get a lot of queries from entrepreneurs to help with finding a good lawyer, or someone to help with accounts and finances, or recruitment, design (that’s a big one!) and even office spaces and furniture.

And we noticed that some service providers are particularly geared towards understanding the needs of and providing solutions for startups (and other SMEs) – but were not necessarily well known amongst the community.

We decided to do something about it and created, a platform where startups and SMEs can find good, active and useful providers who understand their needs and constraints best; without having to navigate the ocean of listings that yellow pages are or having to screen the gamed, often irrelevant results on search engines thanks to SEO.

SMEthing : Marketplace

The Big Picture : Let’s Get You Customers

If you remember our first PoC, it used be called Deals for Startups. is the evolution of the product and we certainly ensure that the vendor and SME/startup community interact more often.

For product and service startups, the bigger goal is to get you customers (early adopters)! At, you can also put up an offer when you are ready with that extra marketing push.

Please note that this is not an open listing site. will always have a smaller but relevant set of providers that the community rates, uses and eventually, trusts.

The annual listing costs only INR 2,000 (+tax) and while the product is still in alpha stage and not yet integrated with payment gateway, you can go ahead, register and our team will get in touch with you asap (contact email id :

Why It’s A Paid Service

Every listing is submitted by the business that has also provided a justification for how and why they’re useful for SMEs, specifically. There’s also a very small annual payment (INR 2,000/) that will ensure that the entries are kept updated and the list does not collect dead/spammy fluff over time. We intend for this to be a small, useful list rather than a huge unmanageable list of services.


You can subscribe to using the form below. We will send you (max) weekly updates of new vendors and offers.

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