Make Money By Renting Stuff You Don’t Use on Rentongo’s Marketplace

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Make Money By Renting Stuff You Don’t Use on Rentongo’s Marketplace

Bought something that is not required very frequently? Want to use something for a limited period only and buying is not an option? Try, a Bangalore based startup.

RentongoMost of us are often in a hurry to buy things without thinking if it is really necessary. All the stuff we buy, becomes giant clutter, especially in case of things that we need for a short time. Such purchases usually end up in the storage space, unused. What a waste of money. Not to mention the buyers regret.

Here’s how Rentongo can help.

Problem 1: You’ve bought something which isn’t being used but you have a feeling that you will need it later.

Solution: will let you post the product for rent and someone who needs it for a short period can rent it from you. This will help you save space in your storage, earn extra money through an unused object and provide it to someone who needs it currently.

Problem 2: You realize that you are not going to use something for long and buying it will not make sense?

Solution: Visit and rent it from other individuals or professional rental vendors listed on the portal. This will save you the guilt of unnecessarily buying a product or what is called hyper-consumption and most importantly save money.

Rentongo products

The service acts as a marketplace for rentals of various products in India. Products listed on the service cover categories like Furniture, Appliances, Adventure Gear, Fancy Dress, Wedding Chairs and Tables, Medical Supplies and any category that might not exist as of now. Users can search for products or browse through products of their interest and also find out the user or vendor that rents out the product in their locality.

The service currently lists more than 400 products across 4 cities and has a user base of around 3500 users.

Currently rental vendors are charged a subscription fee to list their products on the service and through sponsored links. In future, the company also plans to introduce a commission based model based on booking of products., and are some of the portals that operate in a similar space.

Initially the service was listing products only from vendors or businesses(B2B), but now have opened the platform for peer-to-peer rental (C2C) so that individuals can rent out their household items which are lying unused.

The next time you want an item, search through the service and check before you buy it.

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