Married and Running a Startup? It’s not THAT bad [Joy of Small things]

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Married and Running a Startup? It’s not THAT bad [Joy of Small things]

Large parts of the social, economic and psychological ecosystem is considered tough for an entrepreneur. He battles through it, and fights it out. On the other side, there are definitely some cool elements in his life, which he enjoys and probably others fight it out for them.

A few of them I am listing it here..happy_entrepreneur

Married Entrepreneurs +

1. Ability to drop your child to school, when HE/SHE wants YOU to do. – Inner satisfaction obtained. Quality time with children.

2. Ability to attend a function in the school during core working hours! Be one of those parents who are always there for their children.

3. Its really cold today – so let me work from home today and enjoy some hot cup of coffee along with. Not to mention the amazingly awesomeness of the work I can do with my laptop and a beanbag.

4. Being able to play Scrabble with your spouse / partner and give some quality time to him/her, on a lull day.

5.  Go out and shop in BigBazaar on a Wednesday savings bazaar  at 11 AM, when the footfalls are at a low and you can enjoy some good shopping experience.

6. Be available for your friends, family when they need you. One call away!

7. Live life the way you want – Do what you want, and be happy. Isn’t it what the entire world is running for?

Add more…  I am sure there are many. So add yours.

[Guest article by Deepankar Biswas, cofounder of Offergrid. Reproduced from OfferGrid’s blog. Image credit:Terry Bain]

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