Marrily : A Matchmaking App Which Wants To Rearrange The Arranged Marriages

  1. There isn’t any search option. A matching algorithm at the back end does matching by considering various attributes and suggests profiles. However, there is a partner criteria that limits suggestions to desired ones.

  2. How is that different from TrulyMadly? It does the same thing for registeration. It also matches and doesn’t have search option. Not just there are many apps the same way. What’s the difference?

  3. TrulyMadly is more of a dating site. here i think they may have tried to optimise algo for match making. more friendly for parents as well.
    I like the idea of having no search. a profile with a good degree or really good looking guy or girl may get lot of spam even if there is nothing matching.

  4. I think there are tons of Tiner copy apps like TrulyMadly, Woo, Vee. From this post’s title here, I guess what Marrily is focusing on people who are actually “serious” about getting married. This app seems good, simple and better than other traditional and complicated matrimony apps like’s app for example.

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