And you thought your (Maruti) car actually gets serviced at service station? Ha !

How many times have you actually wondered about the quality of car service? There is hardly any performance improvement / even mechanical ‘feel’ in gear/brakes after the service?
Well, chances are that if it’s from Maruti – they probably are NOT doing any servicing. They are just washing your car in the name of service.
Look what happened with a Maruti customer in Bangalore – he gave the car for servicing, kept the dashcamera ON and what did he see? The service engineers actually did NOTHING, except for washing the car.

As you will see, the car actually never went inside the workshop for fluid inspection – but then, the final report had all the checkmarks 🙂 They didn’t even pull out the dipstick and check the oil level!

After watching the video I went back the next day and confronted the service manager (the person you see talking on the phone in the beginning of the video) and showed him the video. He reacted in a very sympathetic way and told me that these kind of things don’t usually happen and it is their responsibility to check everything etc etc and he will take action on the people concerned. I told him that I am sure you guys do this for all first and second service vehicles because nothing really happens in those services anyway and the customer would not know. The attitude of the manager was very humble and understanding (might have been an act). I told him that I was taking the car for a long trip next week and what if something had happened and if that something could have been found and fixed at the service. He apologized repeatedly after which he conducted the service and did what they were supposed to do in the first place. [writes, ROG/source]
Have you ever had a similar experience?

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