Mary Meeker’s Internet Report : Mobile makes up for almost 15% of Internet traffic

The times they are a changing. One of the most authoritative piece on global Internet trends, KPCB’s Mary Meeker’s report is out.

The report looks at Internet trends of 2013 and some of the key growth drivers.

Some of the interesting insights:

– There are now 2.4 billion Internet users around the world!

– Mobile makes up for almost 15% of Internet traffic.

– When it comes to absolute growth in total number of Internet users added (from 2008-12), China and India are leading the trend globally.

– Emergence of new computing platforms : wearable computing devices, like glasses, connected wrist bands and watches – and the emergence of connected cars, drones and other new platforms.

– 80% of Top Ten Global Internet Properties ‘Made in USA’, BUT 81% users are outside USA!!

– Globally, Indians stand second when it comes to ‘sharing everything’ online. No wonder, we have a different behavior offline!


– Demand for Large-Screen Computing Devices is Robust, ButMix Favors Tablets, Not Notebooks & Desktops.


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