Access Offline Matrimonial Ads (From Newspapers) Online on findMyMatch

releaseMyAd, a newspaper advertisement booking service has launched findMyMatch (FMM), a matrimonial service that allows users to search through potential matches from over 1 Lakh Matrimonial Ads published originally in leading newspapers across the nation.

findMyMatch, a PowerPlug finalist (May month) uses the content of Matrimonial Ads published offline in newspapers & makes it accessible via its website and by SMS. Through the website, one can also browse profiles and create their own Ads. The SMS platform delivers the latest matches directly to one’s mobile phone based on their preference.  FMM enables individuals to search through Ads across all locations & directly contact relevant profiles, all within minutes via phone or email.findmymatch

India provides a unique situation where the parents usually seek out potential matches. They may not necessarily be Internet savvy and diligently rely on and prefer newspaper matrimonials, thus making matrimonials the leading classified Ad category among all major publications. By enabling access to these Ads for millions of internet & mobile users, who may not have access to local newspapers, findMyMatch(FMM) attempts to bridge this online – offline divide & simplifies the process!

Features of findMyMatch

FMM redefines matrimonial search for Indians by providing:-

  • Online Access to offline ads – FMM enables access to Ads originally published in Newspapers but not accessible online.
  • Contacting Genuine Matrimony Seekers – Since all Ads on FMM are paid for, they represent parents/individuals looking for serious alliances. FMM plans to use a verification process to whet all profiles so as to discourage fake/non-serious profiles, and to ensure that it remains a purely matrimonial website and is not used for dating, networking or marketing.
  • Matches on Mobile- FMM provides an SMS alert facility to regularly deliver relevant matches directly to one’s mobile phone.  The SMS experience ensures one can enjoy FMM from any mobile device without being connected to the internet. This enables easy and quick access for those who may not be internet savvy.
  • Single step search & contact – Going by the current internet trend, users are encouraged to ideate a profile within 500 characters. Each Matrimonial Ad on FMM is concisely created to include all relevant information to enable one to shortlist and be shortlisted efficiently, and then take the next step forward by directly contacting those shortlisted via phone / email.

We asked Sharad Lunia, founder of releasemyad (parent company of findMyMatch), a few queries regarding the model:

Qn: How do you  source content?

We basically aggregate our database from 3 primary sources:

  • FMM is in direct partnership with, India’s leading Newspaper Classifieds Ad Booking Service. RMA is the largest individual Classified Matrimonial Ad provider to all leading newspapers such as the Times of India,The Hindu, Jagran,Hindustan Times,Deccan Chronicles,etc.Users who visit RMA to publish matrimonial Ads in any of our 45 leading newspapers also get the option to showcase their ads online on FMM
  • Newspaper Partners- FMM has established content sharing partnerships with leading newspapers,especially those which are strong in specific regions – but not national .For example-Some of our major partners are Dharitri as well as Sanmarg, the leading Hindi newspaper in Eastern India(Orissa and West Bengal), with whom we partner on a revenue share basis,.Through this partnership, Sanmarg provides us with matrimonial Ads published in their newspaper and  also provides to its advertisers a free online listing on FMM, in addition to print. We are continually leveraging our relationships established via RMA to partner with other newspapers across the country. With zero effort from a Newspaper, we are able to migrate their content to be online + SMS compatible – to better compete in a world of Shaadi/BM
  • Ads Created On FMM- FMM also hosts matrimonial ads created by our paid users. (Note : Free users cannot create Ads)

Further, every newspaper advertiser is sent a consent e-mail asking for permission to make his/her ad live on our website.  In addition to approving their Ad, we encourage advertisers to upload their bio-data/picture/horoscope,which will be accessible to users, on our website.This provides greater value to the matrimonial advertiser over his print Ad.

Qn: Can you explain the verification part in detail?

FMM discerns itself by being a pure matrimonial service solution. Most matrimonial websites allow users to create their profiles for free. As a result of this, their service is also utilized towards casual dating/ non-serious matrimony. In comparison,  every Ad on findMyMatch is PAID for – either to the Newspaper / releaseMyAd , or to findMyMatch.  Given an individuals intent to pay – is a strong benchmark towards his seriousness towards an alliance – in addition to them providing relevant contact information .

Also FMM uses filter technology which flags those Ads which might include words indicating that the advertiser is interested in dating or is not interested in a marriage alliance.These filters thus prevent such ads from going live on our website.Continuous editorial checking also ensures that the site is being used purely for matrimonial purposes.

findMyMatch wants to position itself as a platform for parents / individuals to connect with one another for the purpose of matrimony – given they reside across different platforms of Print, Internet & Mobile.

Do give FMM a spin and share your review.

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