Matrimony Websites to touch 20mn subscribers in 2 years

Even though the Internet penetration in India stands at a dismal number (3%?), matrimony sites are emerging as one of the leading money making online businesses in India.

As per a market research (called ‘A Web Partner for Life‘), the online matrimonial industry is expected to reach 20.8 million registrations with revenues of $63 million by 2010-2011.

Indians are very concerned with online safety and data confidentiality, especially when submitting personal information. With tremendous amount of data, scaling will not only be in terms of membership growth, but also the operations support for large membership base. Given that a partner match conceivably may end a user’s subscription to an e-marital site, site stickiness within e-Matrimony is relatively low. – source

Matrimony Market – Current State

The size of online classifieds industry stands at ~$160mn (Online Matrimony Segment = 17%, Online Jobs Segment = 73%, Other segments: property, automobile, etc = 10%).

Would you agree that the only Internet service that works (i.e. monetizable) in India are jobs and marriage ones (purely transactional/solves the pain of aggregation/information), i.e. classified sites and the rest is still ‘somewhere, but just not there’?

Is this representative of market dynamics – i.e. user needs? Would like to understand your opinion.

View abstract of report.

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