Study finds Indian teens spend 86 % of their time on Facebook. Really now?


Study finds Indian teens spend 86 % of their time on Facebook. Really now?

Indian teenagers spend 86 % of their time every day followed by 54 % on Twitter, according to news reports based on a new study.

The study by Internet security firm McAfee, titled ‘Secret Lives of Teens,’ says that nearly 97 % of teens have access to social networking and there is a growing digital divide between teenagers and their parents.

Nine out of ten teenagers surveyed for the study said that they believed social networks were safer, while parents weren’t so convinced.

Nearly 4 out of 10 teens saw cruel behavior online while 16 % of parents are aware of this.

These reports are alarming. But we honestly think that Indian teenagers have better things to do. Like 18 year old Pulkit Madan who founded, a collaboration tool for coders. Our take is more about how the study was played in news.

The research commissioned by McAfee was carried out in seven cities — Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune and Chennai comprising a sample size of 757 teenagers and 750 parents.

Now, those are urban centers and the sample size is hardly any representation of all teenagers or parents in India.

Is it not a sweeping generalization to say teens spend 86 % of their time on FB? In an ideal world, that would mean that they have only 14 % of their time left for other things, like bathing or performing “morning rituals.” That’s just not possible, is it? It could also be that the teens are logged in all the time through their smart phones and computers but aren’t actively Facebooking. That is hardly the definition of “spending time” is it?

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