Canaan Partners Invest in mCarbon

Canaan Partners has invested in mCarbon, a Delhi based Mobile VAS company (part of US-based engineering services conglomerate MobileComm Professional) .

mCarbon offerings include business intelligence tools to operators, that assists them in monitoring the service usage.

mCarbon’s products offering:

  • Virtual Call Room – call management platform which lets you take complete control over any incoming or outgoing calls and provide services like screening, anti-spam, targeted forwarding and voice mails.
  • Speed Messaging – peed SMS is an interactive session oriented medium like voice or USSD. It transforms informative message into a highly contextual dialogue based communication that drives the user’s interest to a particular direction and providing him a conclusive and satisfactory response.
  • In Call Management – In Call management is a comprehensive call management and call control application that makes handling of incoming calls more effective and useful for any subscriber.
    The subscriber of this service e.g. can get a menu before a call comes to her and can choose the action based on the menu options like answering, diverting to voice mail, divert to a number, screen a call, put in a black list or send a pre-defined SMS like “I am busy, call you back”.
  • Green Room Platform – Green Room is an open application framework (OAF) to create, model and deliver the innovative applications to end-users quickly and effectively.

Canaan Partners earlier announced their propensity to close 12 telecom deals in 3 years and looks like this is the beginning (one of their investment, Techtribe is deadpooled now).

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