Exclusive: mChek launches widgetized bill banner payment

mChek has launched a bill banner system which enables customers to complete a transaction at the merchant site (1-click) using mChek’s authentication mechanism.

So for example, you can pay Airtel bill (mChek is conducting a test run with Airtel currently) @ mChek site, and all you have to do is just enter your mobile number and the amount.If you aren’t registered with mChek, you get a simple ‘n’ easy form to do the same.


This is surely a win-win for both mChek and Airtel/other merchants – merchants can use this feature for CPA ads (say, Airtel advertises @ Rediff and apart from the ad, they have this small banner which allows customers to pay their bill) and this also results in quick customer acquisition; and mChek, of course gets more customers and easy distribution of the product.

Also, a widget based distribution can have different use cases – I won’t be surprised to see an e-commerce store using mChek’s widgets accepting payment (it’s as simple as Paypal button now).

I’d love to know what is the revenue distribution angle (with publishers) to the entire product.

Whats your take?

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