After You, it’s .Me now – .Me Domain pre-registration starts


After You, it’s .Me now – .Me Domain pre-registration starts

me domainThe .Me domain will be launched in another few days and the booking has already started.

Few details

.ME is now open for trademark owners to register their marks. Anyone with a registered trademark or service mark applied for before June 28, 2006 is eligible to apply for a .ME domain. Applications will be accepted until May 20, 2008 – more

The domain costs $59 a year, but you will be required to register for a minimum of 2 years, as mandated by the .ME Registry. Thus, you will be charged $118 for applying for a .ME Domain.

Web 2.0 was first about YOU (i.e. YouTube, “You” were the Time’s person of the year in 2006), but suddenly the web has turned inwards and now, its all about .ME (with every product focusing on a high degree of importance to personalization).

Given the personalization need and narcissism that goes in the newly found tweet world (isn’t tweet all about me?), I am sure there will a lot of takers for a personalized domain.

Perfect timing!

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