gazeMetrix uses computer vision technology to measure brand presence in TV streams/online videos

A piece of technology that seems to be directly inspired by the sci-fi movies, and does seems like a technology from the future. gazeMetrix’s computer vision technology is being used by companies to measure their “brand presence” across TV, video streams and other social media platforms by tracking their logos.

The best case scenario being a sporting event, where gazeMetrix’s software can measure the visibility of a brand, which is to say it looks at the feed of the event and tracks the logos. Apart from that, it also records the duration the logo was visible, whether there were some other logos on screen when the logo of a particular brand came. Along with other things like the section of the screen where the logo was visible, whether the logo was partially or fully visible or inverted in certain cases.

When the software goes through all of this data, a detailed metrics and analytics report is prepared. Apart from the brand the company was asked to track, the software can also keep a track of the logos from other brands, so should that other company require analytics for itself, rather than going through the entire feed again, gazeMetrix has the data ready.

Currently being tested out by a leading TV analytics company in India, gazeMetrix’s software goes through the feed of the sporting events and identifies the brand presence of the various sponsors. This data is could then be sold by the analytics company to various sponsors of the event to measure their brand presence or in effect find out their “return on investment” by sponsoring of that event. gazeMetrix’s technology is being employed by TV analytics companies in US and Norway to track the presence of brands in various events and they are in plans to expand to Australia.

In the next phase of their technology, they will be able to give a comprehensive feedback to brands about their presence across social media platforms. Though still under work, when it does launch gazeMetrix will be able to track the presence of a brand in leading video sharing sites and in images shared on social media platforms. And provide brands with detailed demographic about their audience and their potential target.

In a world where the attention span of the audience is decreasing by the day and with people spending time on multiple devices even while watching TV, using gazeMetrix’s technology makes a lot of sense for the brands.

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