Measuring ideas based on customer benefit in Design Thinking

Deepa Bachu, the CEO and Cofounder of Pensaar spoke at the ProductGeeks Conference 2018 on the design thinking process that has enabled her to work with the leading firms of the day.

In this part of her talk, Deepa speaks about the ‘Dream’ stage of her design thinking process – part of 4 non-linear stages – discover, insight, dream, disrupt (which you can read more about here).

Key takeaways:

a. Identify customer benefit before ideation. By specifying the core customer benefit of your product, you can ideate and score your ideas based on how much they actually impact or bring about improvement in the customer’s life. This also allows you to prioritize the right features that need to be implemented.

b. You can ladder the ideation in the ‘Dream’ stage in the following manner: solve an important need > prioritize features and ideas based on impact on customer benefit > make solution easy and intuitive to use > which leads to positive outcome for customer > which causes organic word of mouth.

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