The Media Ant is a marketplace for advertisers to find offline media owners and vice-versa [UnPluggd Demo #4]

While businesses struggle to get information related to all the media options for advertising, media owners have no easy access to reach out to 1000s of potential advertisers. With intention to bridge this gap, Bangalore based The Media Ant has launched a marketplace for media options in India, starting with non-traditional media options.

TheMediaAnt aims to democratize information related to media options for mid-sized companies including small enterprises, which don’t have access to media agencies.The company started in June this year helps advertisers and media owners in following ways:

For advertisers

– Detailed information regarding various media options
– Media planning for non-traditional media

For media owners

– Listing of your media type
– Helping showcase your unique media to our site visitors

The Media Ant is co-founded by Mayank Bidawatka, Samir Chaudhary and Mukesh Agarwal and charges 15% commission on the media spends from the media owners. The company demoed at UnPluggd.

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