The Woman Who Chose To ‘Startup’ In Her Sixties

Inspiring, to know about someone who at the dawn of her 60th birthday chose to start her own venture, even more refreshing that she chose to go the eCommerce way.
Meenakshi Datta is the CEO & Founder of Thread Turner and a makeover expert who started her apparel & fashion ecommerce platform at age 60.
Meenakshi gave up her job to devote her time to bringing up her children and once they flew the nest, that’s when she got started. She took an active interest in honing her skills and joined theatre workshops, did voiceovers, conducted communication skills workshops, held sessions as a motivational speaker and created initiatives to empower underprivileged women. Every step was learning for her, which all put together culminated in her starting up Thread Turner.

Meenakshi Datta, the
Meenakshi Datta, the

Captian Nair- The Inspiration

A year ago, on a home-bound flight, Meenakshi came across an article on Captain Nair and was surprised to know that at age 65 he started the Leela Group of Hotels. That really got her thinking that age is just a number. This was inspiration enough for her to turn into an entrepreneur.

Overcame the challenges

eCommerce, for one, was a completely new domain for her, something way beyond her comfort zone. She recollects always being at the edge of her seat as she underwent the training program to setting up the website – all the jargons, parameters, softwares.
“I always knew the great potential eCommerce held and a few days into training, I discovered its beautiful nuances and also the power of technology.”
The formalities and the wait for clearing the license process was a tedious task which demanded a great deal of patience, optimism and determination.

Unmatched Family Support

“The family has always supported each and every initiative of mine but of course working out of home was a new thing for them. My meetings with craftsmen would be monitored by the family and would take place in between rustling up an evening snack. My conference calls used to be punctuated with ‘Do you have any clothes for ironing?’, ‘Can I take the car out?’…to my mother-in-law insisting I join her for tea.”

Success Mantra

Her success mantra seems to be simple, she says, never sit on a problem for more than 24 hours. Connect with the youth & young people; surround yourself with the energy and buzz.

A glimpse from Meenakshi Dutta's collection of sarees for office going women.
A glimpse from Meenakshi Dutta’s collection of sarees for office going women.

Designing & Conducting Makeovers- It Just Happened

Her artistic and cultural sensibilities in making over of home, personal wardrobe as well as her aesthetic dressing sense has caught the eyes of celebrated designers at fashion weeks. Though, designing was a logical evolution, all her experience of conducting workshops with corporates on personal grooming is what eventually led her to conduct makeovers.
Meenakshi’s Vision for Thread Turner is all about seeing the brand Thread Turner being the fashion choice of every independent, enterprising and empowered woman.

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