Meerkat Launches Its Official Developer Platform

Video streaming app Meerkat has turned itself into an open platform by launching its official developer program and APIs for third-party integrations.
The move is seen as a way for the fledgling app to differentiate itself from Periscope, which is a live streaming video app from social network giant Twitter.
There are already 37 developers who’ve built companion experiences using Meerkat’s unofficial API, and now the company is legitimizing them.
Outside developers can build a variety of tools on top of the app which would be impossible by locking everything to its own small team of developers.
The developers at Meerkat believe that the concept of live streaming video from a mobile device is still at a nascent stage and there’s loads to do before arriving at a definitive answer.
By turning into a platform, the company hopes the creativity of its developer base will provide the answer to what a good video streaming service should be.

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